Remembering Mothers in Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park

Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park on a week day afternoon in July. Impressions:  Sweep of lavender bushes, imposing Imperial War Museum, planes swooshing above.  Orchard of low fruit trees, empty playground, groups of school kids, tourists, American accents, people sitting at outside at tables and chairs, old lumpy trees and broad leafy canopies.  An excited dog leaping …

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Making Shadows in Dimitrakopoulo Plateia

Dimitrakopoulo Plateia in Larisa, Greece on a week day lunchtime in March. Impressions: Bright blue sky, bright white light, sharp shadows, yellow flowers, scraggy green grass, tiny lizards scurrying.  Dormant fountain, rubbish floating in it.  Empty square, cafes quiet now, motorbikes vibrating, swing creaking, man on his phone, bench missing planks. Question: What shadow shapes …

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