Puddle Hopping Along the Lee Valley

Lee Valley to Canary Wharf on a week day afternoon in January. Impressions: Blue sky, yawning puddles, canal path obstacles, puddle hopping, fascinating reflections, sea gulls circling, orange tree, early lights Question: What obstacles give you positive new perspective? Images: Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Rain on Rushmere Green

Rushmere Pond and Green  on a week day afternoon in February. Impressions: Damp, rain spitting, loud birds, mud tracks, flat sky.  A man shouting menacingly at his dog.  Loud birds, a swirl of sea gulls, geese, serene water, rooves reflected in the water.  Wide stretches of grass, trimmed with an edging of parked cars, another layer …

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Victoria Park Boating Lake and Sailing Away

Victoria Park Boating Lake on a week day afternoon in February. Impressions: White sky, dark, wrinkled water, annoyingly cold.  Waterfowl fill the water like a crowd of tiny boats.  Waterfowl launching and landing, fighting and travelling, preening and feeding, grabbing twigs and plants to make a nest.  Water fountain, high vertical spout of water, creating a wall …

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