Madrid by Night

A walk through the centre of Madrid, Spain by night in November  Impressions: Mild evening, bars full of chatter, night wanderers, tourists, a couple of pickpockets thwarted, historical buildings lit up, chirruping road crossing lights, 6 lane boulevards thrumming with traffic, couples with arms around each other, children playing in the square Question: Where will …

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Mirrored Box on the Elephant and Castle Roundabout

Elephant and Castle roundabout early on a July week day morning. Impressions: Confusing, multiple lanes of growling traffic, tube station opening onto the pavement, to-ing and fro-ing, rushing and busy, commuters, vehicles, bicycles.  Giant mirrored box with danger of death stickers, the mystery Faraday memorial.  Heat building, brown grass burnt in the days of surprising heat, …

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