Tree Bathing on Barnes Common

Barnes Common early on a warm, April week day morning Impressions: Warm, chatty birds, thick, wet mud, thick, dry mud, shoots, greening leaves, insects buzzing, tree bathing. Question: What effect does tree bathing have on you? Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and coaching

Standing Still in Wilmington Square

Wilmington Square on a week day afternoon in June.  Impressions: Frilly, heavy trees, buoyant greenery, gnarled trunks, overflowing bins, a pigeon exploring the debris.  Oblong bandstand, a person on the ground in a sleeping bag, sturdy benches, men sitting.  Crowds of tiny flies, clouds of cigarette smoke, cloudy sky, warmth. Beautiful and seedy. Question: What happens …

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University of Roehampton Campus and Learning

University of Roehampton Campus on a week day morning in May. Impressions: Serene, green, overcast skies.  Winding, shaded paths, historic buildings, stonework, fast moving staff and students travelling around campus, shots of summer colour.  Elegant lake, swans protecting their crowd of cygnets.  A place to learn, to think, to wander, to just be. Question: What is …

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Bushy Park and Protection

Bushy Park on a week day afternoon in February.  Impressions:  Face whipping wind and drizzle.  ‘Don’t feed the deer’ signs, deer droppings, trees boxed in to protect against hungry deer, but no deer to be seen.  Space, expanse, freedom, wide grass, trees.  Opaque sky, wispy, bumpy grass, winter tree branches making lacy silhouettes in the sky. …

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Burghley Park and Thinking Through Time

Burghley Park on a week day morning in January. (Escaping London) Impressions: Sunless day, damp in the air, wide park, naked trees wearing only balls of threatening mistletoe, ancient trees.  Princess Diana memorial, young trees, drawings by children that will be adults now.  Deer droppings, electric fence, cattle grids, golden door of Burghley House, dulled today. …

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