Tree walkway in Regents Park

Regents Park and Colour

      Regents Park on a week day afternoon in November. Impressions: Alive with light and walkers.  Carpets of every colour leaves.  Shimmering water.  Man in a jumper with a fox on it feeding a squirrel.  Dogs.  Joggers.  Photographers.  Fountains.  Gardens.  Bird feeding, duck feeding, honking geese.  Sculpture trail.  Expansive space that feels like coming …

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East London Cemetery and Stone Memories

East London Cemetery on a weekday morning in October. Impressions: Raining Autumn leaves, leaf blowing, pots and pots of fake flowers, newly planted trees, old trees, rose bushes, chapels. Hundreds of names and stories and stones, hundreds of sadnesses, love, shock, relief, fractured families, private and public histories.  Deflated balloons from remembered birthdays, oranges, incense, …

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Altab Ali Park and Shelter

Altab Ali Park on a week day late morning in October. Impressions: “The shade of my tree is offered to those who come and go fleetingly” from a Bengali poem.  Remains of the Whitechapel white chapel.  Fragments of historical decoration.  East London cultures.  Pigeons feasting on bread.  Cigarette butts.  Smokers.  Beer bottle tops.  Man sleeping on …

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Battersea Park and a Long Lost Friend

Battersea Park on a week day afternoon in October. Impressions: Groomed fancy leadless dogs.  Many busy squirrels.  Parakeets.  Sub tropical plants.  Mediterranean plants.  Hidden sculptures.  Decorative fountains.  Quiet.  Restorative.  Surprising.  Wide walkways.  Wide water.  Reflections.  Bright algae.  Ducks.  Geese.  Heron.  Windy pathways.  Deep with trees. Question:  Walking, talking and laughing with a friend I haven’t …

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West Ham Park and Letting Go

  West Ham Park on a late midday October morning. Impressions: Birds. Robin. Pigeons. Magpies.  So many squirrels.  Gaudy flowers.  Berries.  Fiery leaves.  Green, yellow, orange, red.  Falling leaves.  Fallen acorns and conkers.  Peace.  Beauty.  Names scratched into trees.  Prams.  Hoodies.  Headscarves.  Uniformed school boys learning outside.  Running and yelling.  Footballing kids in high vis …

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