St Dunstan in the East and Celebration

St Dunstan in the East on a week day lunchtime in September Impressions: Roofless church skeleton.  Inside and outside.  Open but protected.  Grown over, grown in empty windows.  Fat leaves.  City workers lunching.  Suits.  Quiet conversations.  Sitting.  Bought sandwiches and salads.  History.  Cobbles.  Fountain. Question: This is a beautiful, unusual place.  What special event would …

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Shoreditch Park & Benches

Shoreditch Park on a week day September afternoon at 5pm Impressions: Community.  Colourful.  Footballing children.  Playing children.  Toddlers.  Teenagers.  Cyclists.  Playground.  Pitch.  Dog walkers.  Spray painted, graffiti-ed benches. Question: Where would you install a bench as a tribute to you?  Where do you love to be, to walk, to sit?  And what would be inscribed …

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