Sounds of Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach on a week day evening in June. Impressions: Cockles and roll mop herring.  Blue sky, frothy green sea, loud, strong wind.  Parked boats clanking and ringing like giant accidental wind chimes.  Wind tries to push me over. Pebbles crunching underfoot, gulls prowling and guarding the bins.  Burnt out pier, rusty columns, windswept walkers, people …

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Framed in Spa Fields

Spa Fields on a week day afternoon in June. Impressions: Wavy concrete, open space framed with benches, overlooked by tower blocks, windy, warm, blue sky and moving clouds. Grapevines, olive trees, afternoon picnickers, drinkers, mobile phone tinkerers. selfie takers. Question: What is framed for you now?  What is in focus and out of focus? Images: Find …

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