Ready to get your team working in healthier ways?

Relentless change and being constantly busy have become the new normal.  Enable your team to thrive in this busy, changing environment by working in ways that actually promote physical, mental and communication health.  Take time out to bring your team together in order to work more effectively and collaboratively. 

What could your healthy team be like?

  • Walk into your office in the morning and feel the buzz of energy from your team. 
  • Have meetings with clear goals where everyone contributes and leaves with useful actions.
  • Prioritise finding headspace during the day so that your team is able to make positive and proactive decisions however many challenges they encounter.
  • Feel your team pull together and draw on their different strengths when a project deadline moves forward.

How does Team Development work?​

Take the next step towards creating a healthy team. 

Join Anise for a three-stage programme of team development activities using coaching and walking as a supportive, productive and healthy means to energising and connecting the team.




Each team member joins me for a 20-minute coaching walk designed to capture what is going on for the team right now along with hopes, fears and aims for a team development day. Larger teams will be invited to participate using a team survey.

During a 90-minute coaching walk or catch-up, the team leader works with me and themes from the mini-coaching walks or survey to identify aims and key activities for the team development day.




The team come together for a day focused on healthy working and agreed aims. Activities for the day will be creative and active with an emphasis on building team confidence, relationships and awareness.

The day will include an element of walking, team communication and recording of actions.

The day could include:

  • Identifying team values and strengths
  • Creating a team vision
  • Reviewing and evaluating past activities
  • Inviting a guest speaker/participant
  • Completing actual work in a facilitated environment




The team come together around three months after the team day for a facilitated team walk and follow up meeting. This half day is designed to review and capture progress, provide accountability and offer support to enable the team to continue working in healthy ways in the future.

“Anise has a very calm and professional demeanour that brought out the best from each team member and everyone finished the day feeling more positive and that “we really got to know each other better”. A month on from the away day, the team is still in a positive place and is driving forward on completing many of the agreed actions of the day.”
Marina Lim
Head of Business Analysis Team,University of Roehampton, London

How will my team benefit?

Walk Coach Learn development events help teams to:

Understand how they operate

Reflect on how your team is viewed by the organisation

Strengthen relationships and bond as a team

Improve communication

Clarify and engage with the team vision

Generate ideas and solve problems

Evaluate and review

Create a clear plan of action

Feel motivated, energised and positive

Bring about positive change

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits and has been proven to improve thinking and creativity.  Walking coaching focuses on creating a stimulating, reflective, supportive space. 

The physical walk allows a digital detox and gets you out of your usual work space.  It enables you to think in new ways, move through blockages and gain insights from the environment around you.


coaching walks

Give your team members individualised support to work in healthy ways by combining team development with one-to-one coaching walks.