Team Leader Step Up


What is it like for you to be a team leader? 

It can be rewarding and exciting. It can also be stressful and pressured. 

You can be pulled in too many directions, get stuck in the middle of difficult relationships, and be left feeling worn out and unsupported.

The Team Leader Step Up will give you the clarity, energy and support you need to thrive in your role.

Step Up Your Team Leader Experience

Join Anise for a coaching walk that will give you:

  • Energy and motivation
  • Support
  • Clarity about you as a leader
  • Understanding of how the system you work in affects you
  • Awareness about your role, leadership style and team
  • A sense of possibility
  • A clear follow up action
“Anise has been so attentive, encouraging, and sensitive. I have felt nurtured by our sessions and I have been left feeling better and able to move forward. Thank you.”
Claire, Writer and Teacher

Team Leader Step Up

  • 90 minute 1:1 coaching walk in a London outdoor space near you
  • Clarity about yourself as a team leader, increased energy and confidential support
  • Personalised workbook shared after the walk that includes team leader role insights, reflective questions and a clear follow up action


Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits and has been proven to improve thinking and creativity.  Walking coaching focuses on creating a stimulating, reflective, supportive space. 

The physical walk allows a digital detox and gets you out of your usual work space.  It enables you to think in new ways, move through blockages and gain insights from the environment around you.