How is your team
communicating and coping right now?

Is your team feeling stretched, worn out or overwhelmed? Invite your team for a coaching walk that will help them improve their wellbeing, feel inspired and connect with each other.  Anise will coach and guide your team via Zoom, as they walk in a park or quiet streets/spaces wherever they are. Each team member walks at their own pace on a route they choose.

Take your team for a tiny adventure

How will your team benefit?

You and your team will:

  • Get some exercise, a natural high and all the stress relieving wonders of wandering
  • Feel clearer and more optimistic as Anise guides your team through resilience themes and simple resilience activities.
  • Have some open, positive conversations reflecting on your team work experience.
  • Leave feeling energised with some practical ideas you can implement to raise your team resilience.

How does it work?

This is a one hour coaching walk, for 3 – 8 team members per event. This includes a pre-walk coaching conversation to make sure the walk is tailored to your team.

Participants will need:

  • A park or some quiet streets/spaces to wander in wherever they are.
  • Access to the internet on the move and a fully charged phone.
  • If you can’t walk or leave the house right now, you can use these ideas to join and wander indoors

£195 per walk
£550 for three walks

Real life team walks will also be available in central London from July 2021

“Our Coaching Walk gave our team a valuable shared experience in a period when we have been isolated. Anise ensured that everyone had an opportunity to speak and the random pairing of colleagues in break out rooms meant that we spoke to people we may not directly work with day-to-day. It gave us the platform to develop themes and ideas on future walks and also a chance to discuss topics not usually covered in Team Meetings. I think Anise’s guided walk would benefit any team, particularly a new or growing team and any emerging from lockdown. Anise’s calm and happy demeanour is immediately reassuring and it is a pleasure to walk with her.”

Independent Research Forum