In-Person Walkshops

Invite your team on a recharging adventure

Work is so busy and overwhelming these days that it’s hard to pause for breath and take a moment.

But getting your team out of the office and into the fresh air can be uplifting and transformative.

That’s where my In-Person Resilience Walkshops can help.

Each session is a refreshing adventure designed to promote team bonding and revitalise you and your colleagues. It offers participants a chance to reflect on how they are working as a team, explore what they need to work in healthy ways and really connect with each other.


In-person resilience walkshops for your team

How an in-person coaching walkshop works

You, your team (between 3 – 30) and I will walk around a London park (or quiet space) near your workplace for up to 90 minutes. In this time, I’ll guide you to:

How you benefit from coaching walkshops

Walking is wonderful for physical and mental health. It lifts your mood, improves your thinking and helps you have open conversations.

My in-person resilience coaching walkshops go a step further by giving you and your team:


To ensure your team keeps working in healthy ways, I also offer one-to-one resilience coaching and on-demand, guided coaching walks that they can listen to whenever they need it.

In-person walkshops start from £500.


Why should you invest in resilience coaching walkshops?

When you and your colleagues feel energised, resilient and connected, it:

Reviews from walkers

Anise is our expert 'mindset coach' and does a superb job leading our weekly group. The feedback from all of our walkers has been overwhelmingly positive, and within a very short space of time, Anise has created a very safe space for sharing without judgement. It's been a pleasure to work with her.
Anise's team resilience coaching has always been met with positive feedback thanks to the happy and relaxed nature in which we discuss, sometimes, challenging topics amongst a diverse group of individuals.
Our resilience walk with Anise was with a group of six of us, and it was a great experience. We started at the Olympic Park in Stratford, where Anise gave us topics to discuss, which made conversation easy. It’s great to talk about things going on in your life and learn from others. She is a natural communicator and it felt good to be walking and talking outside.

Ready to walk and talk?

Let’s put on our walking shoes and have a chat.