In-Person Wellbeing Walkshops

Take your team on a
mini adventure

Support your team to feel really connected and recharged

Now more than ever, teams need backup to build trust and work in healthy ways. And when your team is working remotely or in hybrid ways, the time you spend together in person is precious.

That’s where my In-Person Wellbeing Walkshops can help.

Each walkshop gets your team away from their screens and into the park. They’ll go on a refreshing adventure designed to help them bond, feel good and explore what they need to prioritise their wellbeing as they work.


In-person wellbeing walkshops

How you benefit from wellbeing walkshops

Walking is wonderful for physical and mental health. It lifts your mood, improves your thinking and helps you have open conversations. These benefits are multiplied when you walk in nature.

My in-person wellbeing walkshops go a step further by helping you and your team to:

How an in-person wellbeing walkshop works

A 60 – 90 minute walkshop and route around a London park (or quiet space) will be created. Your team (between 3-30 members) simply needs to show up wearing comfy shoes and weather suitable clothes. 

I will guide your team on a mini adventure that will include:


In-person wellbeing walkshops start from £500.

For team members or professionals who need extra support to protect themselves against burnout and build their resilience, try one-to-one resilience coaching.



Why invest in wellbeing walkshops?

When you and your colleagues feel connected, supported and resilient, it

Reviews from walkers

I bought Anise in to facilitate a walkshop with my small team during our offsite. It was PERFECT!!! Such a great addition to get everyone up, moving, chatting amongst nature. Anise was super thoughtful with her facilitation, and really helped set the tone for the weekend. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat, and can happily highly recommend her!
Anise's walk with the Zebras Unite community was invigorating and stimulating for our community as a whole. From the exercises that she put us through, to the way she challenged us to examine our environments without judgement, to the conversational prompts we had with the fellow walkers around us, it was definitely one of the best events myself and the rest of the leadership team at Zebras Unite have seen. Multiple times we've had people ask "when will you do this again" because they enjoyed it so much. We'd definitely recommend Anise to run a resilience workshop for you, whether you may be a startup community or a corporate team.
Our resilience walk with Anise was with a group of six of us, and it was a great experience. We started at the Olympic Park in Stratford, where Anise gave us topics to discuss, which made conversation easy. It’s great to talk about things going on in your life and learn from others. She is a natural communicator and it felt good to be walking and talking outside.

Ready to walk and talk?

Let’s put on our walking shoes and have a chat.
(Sitting and talking also works too).