Is your team going through change?

Perhaps your team is restructuring, moving location, gaining new members or working in new ways. 

Change can be time consuming, wearing, and uncertainty inducing.  Teams that build trust and resilience are able to adapt, work together and lead change.

Invite your team to connect and collaborate on a coaching walk.

It’s a moving conversation that helps your team to:

  • Bond
  • Communicate positively
  • Be more aware of how they work
  • Come up with their own ideas and solutions
  • Agree manageable actions
  • Build resilience
Walk in St James Park


Each event is a 90 minute walk followed by a one hour workshop style meeting.

A bespoke coaching walk is created in streets and green spaces near your London workplace.

Team Strengths Walk

Good for: Teams with new members or leaders who need to get to know each other.

Focuses on:  Building team relationships, capturing team strengths and gaining perspective on how the team works.

Team Action Walk

Good for: Teams that need some headspace to review where they are at and be clear about what to focus on next.

Focuses on: Connecting the team, taking stock of where the team is at, gaining perspective, developing manageable, resilience building actions.

Team History Walk

Good for: Teams that have been through a difficult period and need to move on.

Focuses on: Safely walking through recent team history, connecting the team and working together to agree what is needed to move forward.


Join Anise for a wandering coffee or phone chat
to explore how your team could benefit from a coaching walk.

What do team leaders say?

“We not only bonded as a team, but we also left the day with an actionable list of things to do as a team to improve the way we work together and with others in our organisation. We were all so inspired by the day that we hope to repeat the experience at least annually.”

“Anise has a very calm and professional demeanour that brought out the best from each team member and everyone finished the day feeling more positive and that we really got to know each other better. A month on from the away day, the team is still in a positive place and is driving forward on completing many of the agreed actions of the day.”

“We don’t often have an opportunity to come together as a team, so to have a full day to focus on ‘us’ was hugely beneficial. Anise brought her experience to the day and provided us with a well structured, focussed, yet enjoyable format that benefited everyone…[Anise’s] use of walking as part of the event really put everyone at ease, and seemed to help the day along.”

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits.  It also improves thinking and creativity.  

A coaching approach ensures everyone participates, awareness is gained and the team generates their own solutions and ideas.

Coaching walks get us out of our usual work environment, create a supportive space and give an exciting sense of possibility.

They help us think in new ways, move through blockages and connect with the environment and people around us.