The Wonders of National Walking Month

Ah, National Walking Month has finished for this year.  It has been a month of celebrating, sharing and enjoying walking.  For me, it has been a chance to walk in many ways.

I have…

…been walking coaching.  Listening, questioning, moving conversations through parks and streets.

…walked 17 miles with my friend through Winnie the Pooh country in training for our hilly walking marathon for Macmillan in June.

…walked the children to and from school chatting, counting bicycles, dispensing snacks.

…walked with teams engaged in development.  Through magical Kew gardens in changing weather, around Covent Garden and through the University of Roehampton campus

…walked and played with the family in the park.

…walked to the shops and through the shopping centre (my least favourite walking activity).

…walked as a networking tool.  Guiding entrepreneurial ladies deep in conversation and developing relationships through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

walked in protest.  Uniting with parents, teachers, pupils and school staff to walk against cuts that will harm our schools.

…walked alone.  Wandering through beautiful spaces, thinking through issues, planning team walks, exploring new ideas, having ideas.

…shared walks and felt connected with people I have only met on social media.
…stood inside a burnt out tree in Richmond Park photographing a collection of cobwebs and felt grateful and happy.  Thankful that walking is my work and my life.  So glad that I’ve been able to take others with me and shared the idea of walking as working, a time to connect, reflect and unwind. The end of National Walking Month is just the beginning of walking.

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