Tranquil City Walk

Tranquil City explores areas of calm in the city.  London is full of quiet, often secret spaces, only a turn or two away from busy streets.  Quiet can mean less air pollution.  Calm offers wellbeing. Tranquil spaces are vital and need promoting and protecting.

We are all invited to map the tranquil spaces we know and find using Tranquilpavement.  It’s easy to use and add spaces or use to discover new spaces.

This Tranquil City walk took us through the city (St Pauls to Bank to Liverpool Street to Moorgate) on a Saturday.  We wandered through curiously quiet streets discovering calm spaces – tiny parks, churchyards, courtyards.  We reflected on what tranquility means to us and what kind of spaces bring us tranquility.

This walk felt particularly special to me as it uncovered my London.  The London I exist in is a world of walking, discovering quiet, interesting, beautiful spaces, and connecting with fellow urban wanderers.  It is a movement that benefits our physical and mental health, our sense of wellbeing and our ability to think, reflect and hold moving conversations.

Tranquil City walks are free and open to all.  Do sign up for a walk, support the work and explore the interactive map.  Enjoy the tranquil spaces and urban calm we can all find.


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