Walking Meetings: How to Have One

Are you interested in trying walking meetings? Take a look at this infographic about why you’d want to. In short, it’s worth leaving the comfort of the office to take a working wander so that you can have better ideas, build relationships, relieve stress, exercise and connect with the environment.

A walking meeting is a little different to an office bound one. So here is some advice for how to take your meeting for a walk:

Take a look at these TED talks to find out more about the science behind the wonder of walking, talking and thinking.

Do you take your meetings for a walk? What works for you?

Anise uses coaching walks to help you evaluate your work and move forward. Wondering what’s next for you? Try a Winter Wayfinding Walk.

Visit Walk Coach Learn to find out more about how coaching walks could support and energise you or your team.

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