Walking Coaching Meetings

A Walk Coach Learn meeting is different. 

It is a walking meeting that gets your team moving, reflecting and connecting with each other.  It’s an opportunity for your team to be active, creative and come up with the ideas you need in order to work in a better way.

Using the streets and green spaces near your workplace in London, Anise will enable you to walk while you work and get your team talking, thinking and focusing on doable actions.  Don’t wait to get your team together for a full away day, invite your team for a one hour facilitated walking meeting now.

Why a facilitated walk?

  • First Anise will work with you to explore your team needs and craft a walk with topics and questions that respond to your priorities. 
  • Anise will design and guide your walking meeting ensuring participants can concentrate on their conversations, connect as a group, feel supported and gently challenged while also gaining new perspectives.
  • Not only will your team gain the benefits of taking a walk, participants will feel positive, full of ideas and able to identify clear actions.

How will a Walking Meeting help?

The possibilities are endless

Building relationships

Key for a new or expanding team or a team facing changes. Also useful for networking and comfortably connecting with other teams.

Boosting wellbeing

Gain an away day feeling while being away for an hour, not a whole day. Useful for a team that needs to be more active, tackle stressful situations or feel uplifted

Connecting with your local area

Particularly helpful for a team moving to a new office or wishing to engage more with their local environment

Action planning

Identify and commit to clear, manageable actions

Changing the conversation

Significant to gain a different quality of conversation when discussions have been difficult or going round in circles

Creative thinking

This includes generating ideas and solving problems

Reflection or evaluation

This could be reviewing your team performance or recent projects

Why Coaching while Walking?

Walking alone has over a hundred physical and mental health benefits and has been proven to improve thinking and creativity.  Walking coaching focuses on creating a stimulating, reflective, supportive space. 

The physical walk allows a digital detox and gets you out of your usual work space.  It enables you to think in new ways, move through blockages and gain insights from the environment around you.