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Walking is not just a pastime or mode of transport in London – it’s a whole way of being, looking at and interacting with the city.  As a walking enthusiast and advocate, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting up with some fantastic movements and groups that have the art, science or wonder of urban walking at their centre.  Of course these movements also attract fellow urban walkers.  We are ultimately a community of people that love our green urban spaces and believe in a positive, connected and creative future.  Here are a few movements that I find myself frequently recommending:

  • Living Streets is the UK charity for every day walking.  Their mission is to achieve a better walking environment and inspire people to walk more.  This includes all sorts of campaigns such as encouraging children to walk to school and pedestrianisation of streets.
  • Street Wisdom is a social enterprise with a mission to bring inspiration to every street on earth.  They have regular, free workshops in London and beyond that show how to use wandering to tune in to the streets and gain answers.
  • The London National Park City movement is reclassifying the city of London as a national park.   The aim is to make the city greener, healthier and wilder and get Londoners enjoying the great outdoors more.   The London National Park City launch season begins in Spring 2019 and includes a whole host of events and activities.
  • The Tranquil City project explores areas of calm in the city. They have a series of maps that city dwellers can use or contribute to showing tranquil spaces, often hidden gems, in London.
  • The Walking Artist Network was one of the first movements I joined and opened up a new world of walking, art and artists.  The mailing list shares a variety of events, publications and conversations and the website is full of excellent walking resources.
  • Ramblers London is an active campaign group and also organises lots of walks across the city from short urban strolls to more demanding long walks.
  • Walking for Health provide short, accessible and inclusive walks with events all over the country.  There is an emphasis on promoting walking as the ultimate exercise as well as being a social activity.

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