Walking Plane Leaf

Damp plane tree trunk in Victoria Park

10% of trees in London are London Plane trees. Not only is it an instantly recognisable tree that serves as a backdrop for much of my walking coaching work in London parks and streets, it’s a symbol of resilience.

The London Plane is a hybrid tree with mixed parentage – just like so many of us Londoners. It thrives in the city due to a special feature. The bark is particularly brittle and cannot adapt to the fast growth of the tree so it falls off. This act helps the tree cope with polluted air and also gives it, its distinctive camouflage style bark pattern.

Plane tree in West Ham Park

This is the plane tree’s resilience quality. An ability to adapt and change. An ability to grow strong and tall. It also has beautiful bark, big, maple shaped leaves and spherical seed balls.

Walk Coach Learn walking plane leaf logo

My new logo, designed by Kev Gahan with Mally Sworczuk’s branding, turns this plane leaf into a colourful walking leaf. A leaf from the fascinating, uplifting, urban environment I work in. The different styles of footprint represent the teams and professionals I walk and work with. It shows every person walking with and beyond me to feel energised and confident in their work with strong working relationships.

Find out more about the London Plane tree here.

Magpie in a plane tree in Hyde Park

Anise is here to support you and your team in building your resilience and working in healthy ways.

Get in touch to find out more about how Anise can help you and your team feel energised and confident with strong working relationships: https://walkcoachlearn.co.uk/headspace/

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