Watch this Space by Claire Collison

The recent Watch This Space Exhibition by the fabulous Claire Collison at Goldsmiths University

This (now finished) beautiful and moving exhibition explored mastectomy, cancer treatment and the representation of women.  Overflowing with creativity and different perspectives, humour and colour, warmth and presence.

The Gentrification of Ruskin Park stands out for me. It documents the post-chemo walk through the park.  The area underwent works as Claire’s body underwent works.  Neither will ever be the same again.  There is a freedom and sense of control that comes from the walk.  A much needed liberation and feeling of being able to do something when cancer treatment demands that you are controlled and done to.

More and more of us have post-cancer bodies; too often, hidden bodies.  Do follow and support Claire in bringing these messages, images and connections to a wider audience.


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