Wayfinding Walk Participants in Regents Park

Wayfinding Walk: An Uplifting, Adventurous Appraisal

Are you feeling pulled in many directions by your work? Are you feeling overwhelmed, distracted or even stuck? Sometimes we are so busy that we can’t gain the headspace we need to see if we are busy doing the right things. Or better still, take the time out we need to be less busy and more focused.

A small group of professionals were invited to join me for an autumnal Wayfinding Walk in Regents Park. It was an opportunity to reflect on where we are at with our work, connect with each other and gain a clear sense of a way forward. The walkers found that the busier we are, the more we can benefit from gaining some headspace. Taking supported, productive time out, especially with movement and nature, in fact gives us more time and energy.

“Taking time out to walk, talk, reflect, and plan – especially when it seems I haven’t the time to take time out – is critical!
What I can achieve in an hour spent in a park with Anise is easily as valuable as anything I could achieve at a desk in a day.”

We wandered together for around an hour and a half. We shared our achievements, challenges, reflections, and ideas. We bonded as a group, inspired each other, laughed and talked. In this we were reminded how fundamental it is to connect with and support each other around our work.

“…a fantastic way to connect with others, evaluate your business and evaluate yourself all while being in the outdoors amongst nature”

We also took time to be still and quiet. To really breathe, appreciate the outdoors and be fully aware of how we are feeling and what is important. We used the Walk Coach Learn compass to do this and also drew on the park environment. The leaves were turning yellow, red and bronze. Waterfowl joined us on our walk. The changing seasons mirror the changes we are ourselves experiencing.

“I found it very useful. The spots Anise chose to stop and guide us to the next exploration were different and great to discover. The awareness we all reached at the end was incredible. It is really like a path unfolding itself.” 

The Wayfinding Walk is a kind of uplifting, adventurous appraisal. For individuals it gives much needed space and awareness. In a group it is also a chance to build positive relationships. Each walker was able to leave feeling energised, connected and with a clear next step.

Anise is here to help you feel good about the work you do. Get in touch to try a Wayfinding Walk.

Visit Walk Coach Learn to find out more about how coaching walks could support and energise you or your team.

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