Lee Rose, Head of ICT, Royal College of Art

We don't often have an opportunity to come together as a team, so to have a full day to focus on 'us' was hugely beneficial. Anise brought her experience to the day and provided us with a well structured, focussed, yet enjoyable format that benefited everyone. Everyone was engaged and committed to making the day a success. If you want to run a development event with a coach who really knows her stuff and how to get the best out your team, look no further than Anise. Her use of walking as part of the event really put everyone at ease, and seemed to help the day along. The day just simply came together better than I could have hoped for.

Professor Susannah Quinsee, Director of Learning Development

Anise takes an inclusive approach and achieves maximum engagement with the participants by supporting them through the activities she has created… She is a fantastic planner and always presents a well thought out timescale with appropriate resources. Her approach is fresh, energetic and inspirational.

Nikos Karaoulanis, Head of Experience Design

Anise was pivotal in planning and facilitating a successful away day. From helping define the aims and running the day, to contributing to next steps and debriefing, Anise ensured this was a highly productive, successful, and fun day. I am now engaging Anise in planning our next away day.

Marina Lim, Head of Business Analysis Team

Anise has a very calm and professional demeanour that brought out the best from each team member and everyone finished the day feeling more positive and that “we really got to know each other better”. A month on from the away day, the team is still in a positive place and is driving forward on completing many of the agreed actions of the day.


HE Professional

A great programme that gets you moving and thinking, helps you make changes and builds a supportive group around you.

HE Professional

I found the programme to be a transformational experience. It allowed me to carve out quality time for reflection which has positively impacted my outlook on work and personal life. I feel like I have had a mental massage!

HE Professional

I would encourage anybody to take part in the programme. I found out things about myself I wasn't aware of and met some wonderful colleagues.

Artist & Coach

Anise’s group coaching sessions provided a really warm, encouraging and supportive space for reflection. I enjoyed meeting all the other participants (albeit virtually) – everyone was lovely, everyone was different, and everyone brought their own dynamic to the group. Obviously thoughts of the situation in the wider world were on all our minds, but the sessions felt like a quiet cocoon away from all that.

I really enjoyed exercises like the sound map, and the idea of the resilience river. It’s given me a way to visualise how I feel as I check in with myself. I feel I hugely benefited from the opportunity to explore new tools for reflecting on my thinking and my strengths. The exercise looking at learning styles in particular helped me to think about what I enjoy and how I might bring that into both my career and my everyday life. I feel as if I have identified a whole new opportunity for developing my own creative practice.

Communications Consultant

Favourite thing: learning from others and feeling inspired by others’ awareness and insights. Speaking one-to-one was enjoyable and helpful.
What I will take from this: a regular resilience check-in to create a map that brings my awareness to how I feel and what I need on a regular basis

Artist & HE Professional

Favourite thing: Speaking with others in the 1:1 breakout rooms, with a specific task or focus has meant that we can share our resilience journey and ourselves whilst moving in the gentle direction navigated for us by the course. Loved the mix of little exercises woven in - reviewing the course shows just how many gems there have been. Benefited from having this regular time and commitment, has become like a measuring stick in itself to notice changes and strengthening.

Productivity Coach

It was a like a 4 week course of learning and discovering myself! My favourite part is being a group and getting to know other people (this helps to create better relationships with people outside this group too) Noting down and creating my resilience map gave me something tangible to take a look back later on.

Creative Professional

It helped me to pause to think about what I need to energise and keep going. Breakout rooms are really efficient to formulate thoughts. I benefited by setting up 1 goal and I will try to keep it in that shell. This way it does not seem too many things like a mountain to achieve

HE Professional

A brilliant and surprising experience which helped me to reconsider my view of myself and my approach towards work. Starting the course at a very low ebb, the supportive and encouraging feedback from fellow walkers has spurred me on to reassess my situation and to take some positive steps to improve my resilience. My problems may not have disappeared but I certainly have greater confidence in my ability to handle them and move beyond them. I'd definitely recommend taking time out to do the programme - it is like giving yourself a little, well-deserved gift!


(anonymised to respect confidentiality)

Operations Consultant (Astrid)

Boundaries and authenticity, celebrating my uniqueness and not always trying to adapt myself to the situation, those have been my saviours. And Anise got me there; I cannot be grateful enough. I’m amazed at how much I’ve been able to learn about myself in those four sessions. It’s given me so much more power to continue on my path.

HR Professional

Anise's, thorough excellent coaching, quickly helped me realise a central issue I hadn't been aware of, which had been getting in my way at work. What's more, she gave me brilliant and straightforward advice which I was able to put into practice, and make change happen over the next few months. I have had a much better experience at work as a result.

Education Professional​

Walking and talking is a winning combination and Anise has a very supportive, empathetic approach and I was at ease instantly with her and the whole process. The effect of three sessions of walking coaching has been amazing. I started the sessions full of anxiety, stress and demoralised at work, and now I have regained my confidence, morale and have bounced back… I feel in charge of my life again! … I now believe it is not a luxury, but something we all deserve and I thoroughly recommend anyone trying it

HE Professional​

I found the sessions with Anise very helpful and supportive at the beginning of my new role at work. Rather than providing a list of ‘answers’ or critical appraisal, the talking enabled me to take stock of what I was doing well (something I had forgotten to do) and then to try to define what I felt I needed to work better. In one or two specific instances the session gave me a ‘lightbulb’ moment which was wonderful. More importantly, it also showed me how to think about some of the areas that I was finding more challenging and identify some ways to begin changing things. Thank you!

UX Professional

Walking with Anise is wonderful…She listened to my ramblings and asked me questions that sometimes made me uncomfortable but provided growth and change ultimately. I had more than one light bulb moment and at the end of each session I was able to achieve what I wanted or get clarity on what the next step should be.

Artist & Education Professional

The experience of talking while walking was refreshing and unusual, and provided a genuine sense of ‘space’. Have the coaching sessions spread out over almost six months helped me make the essential space for reflection during a very busy period. They took me out of ‘delivery’ mode, and supported me to realise and articulate what my priorities for my career are. Anise’s thoughtful prompts were really valuable in challenging my perceptions and thinking around my career and creating a sense of possibilities.

Tech Professional

I have found Anise to be very perceptive – always asking me the right ‘difficult’ questions during our sessions as well as providing me with exercises and tools that have given me a much greater insight and deeper understanding of myself… I would recommend Anise very highly indeed. She is professional, supportive, discrete, intelligent, funny, and very good

Communications Professional

Anise's approach to coaching and collaboration brings the best out in people.


Tech Professional

It was a great way for our team to refocus our collective purpose, values and motivations outside of the office environment. Anise acted as a great mediator, reflecting our thoughts back as us in an clear and actionable way.

Tech Professional

The Walk Coach Learn Experience was very interesting as well as useful for our team. We were able to bond as a team, gain a shared understanding of our vision and short to mid-term goals and have a great day out. Anise was an excellent facilitator too. I would highly recommend this experience.


The walk allowed me to make meaningful connections, share personal and business challenges and gain some fresh perspective. All within a beautiful setting that promoted clear thinking and new ideas to flourish.


Being outside and being active gives you the extra headspace to look at some things from a totally new perspective. Having Anise to facilitate this process and to provide some very interesting information about the area, made the whole experience so much more interesting, engaging and purposeful. I left the walk invigorated and with more focus.


The walk was inspiring, relaxing and helpful all at the same time!