Why Rest is my Current Business Goal

This month’s Self-Boss Networking Walk explored the importance of rest and wellbeing.  When we work for ourselves we are our business.  That is, without us there is no business.  Consequently attending to our own wellbeing becomes as fundamental as any other business process.

I believe very strongly that work and wellbeing are not opposing forces.  We need to make work work for us.  Work shouldn’t be some kind of suffering that we need to recover from.  We need to learn to work in ways that promote our health as well as our businesses.  How do you gain wellbeing while working?

Walking and being outside in green spaces are the key to this for me.  Scientific discoveries are increasingly recognising the link between our own health and connections with nature and movement.  Walking isn’t some kind of luxury, it’s an essential practice.  We can take our work outside.  Go for a wander when you need to clear your head.  Take your meeting to the park.  Have an energy boosting stroll after lunch instead of reaching for the caffeine.

However, we also need time away.  Time to switch off from the every day and be away from our screens.  Time to be present and recharge.  And so, my business goal for the next few weeks is to rest.  To be away from my every day and away from my screens.  To have some warm, easy, lazy, late summer days and take some new adventures.

Will you take some time to rest?  Will you take a digital detox?  Will you do some walking that is free and aimless in a new location?

When I get back I look forward to walking and talking with you.  This will include the final Self-Boss Networking Walk on 26th September.  This is the last free walk in a series that ran every month this last year.  There will also be another Enterprise Steps networking walk – more details to follow.  And of course, do get in touch if you’d like to take a one-to-one coaching walk, a business focused coaching walk that boosts your wellbeing and supports you through change at work.


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