Walking is at the heart of how I work

A walk can be created in a park or green space near your London workspace or away day venue for a team of up to 40 members.

The evidence in support of walking as benefiting our physical and mental health is overwhelming.  It also has a significant positive impact on our thinking and communication, giving a walking conversation a different uplifting quality.

Join me for a one-to-one coaching walk, a team development day incorporating a walking activity or a lively walking meeting.

Six benefits of coaching while walking

Creative thinking:

Walking has been proven to enhance thinking skills and creativity enabling us to have ideas and solve problems.

Natural high:

Walking for at least twenty minutes releases endorphins and makes us feel good. This positive frame of mind reduces stress and makes us receptive to stretching our thinking.


Walking and talking side by side (rather than face-to-face) increases trust and rapport. It breaks down hierarchies between people and enables us to feel equal, open and connected.


Coaching while walking enables a new way to interact with or discover an area. A spirit of discovery becomes part of the conversation.


Walking is an accessible form of exercise that requires no special equipment and can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere with positive physical and mental health effects.

Creative environment:

Being outside allows us to use the environment creatively as part of the thinking experience. We can bring in the changing weather, seasons or features of the landscape to our conversations.


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