Why walking and learning?

The evidence in support of walking as benefiting our physical and mental health as well as our ability to think is overwhelming.  Walking is something that we can all do and can do anywhere.  The streets or green spaces outside our homes or offices are open playgrounds for the wonderful practice of walking and learning or thinking or coaching.  We can walk alone, in pairs, in groups, as part of our commute, on our lunch breaks, as part of meetings, for coaching, for learning experiences, for fun.

Here is a quick summary of the main reasons that I use walking and coaching or simply walking and talking or thinking.


  1. why-walking-and-learning…enhances creative thinking
  2. …reduces stress
  3. …produces a natural high
  4. …side by side (rather than sitting or standing opposite someone) increases trust and rapport.  It breaks down hierarchies between people and enables us to feel equal with our boss or tutor or peers.
  5. …enables a new way to interact with or discover a new area or rediscover an area we are familiar with
  6. …enables us to use the environment creatively as part of the thinking experience.  We can bring in the changing weather or seasons or features of the landscape
  7. …is a form of exercise

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