Woburn Square Garden and Small Spaces

Woburn Square Garden on a week day afternoon in February.

Impressions:  An oval of muddy grass, tall trees, thick tree roots.  White and turquoise shelter.  A man in the shelter laughing and talking loudly on the phone, imagining he can’t be heard.  Dark sky, cloudy, light breeze, red berries, quiet, an engine running, bicycle wheels swishing, distant clank of building works.  Statue with a strained expression, fat squirrel dashing, people walking through, no-one stops.

Question:  Woburn Square is the smallest of the Bloomsbury Squares.  It is a space that is mostly passed through but has places to hide in it.  What small outdoor space do you quickly pass through?  What is it like?  What have you not noticed before about this small space?




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